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We employ classic techniques acquired from the finest patisseries and restaurants in New York City to delight the senses with each bite. From uniquely decorated treats to perfectly uniform chocolates, every product we create is thoughtfully made by hand. Our flavor profiles walk a fine line between delicate and bold, each with its own layers and depth. Our modern designs highlight the simplicity and elegance of each piece, sometimes making them literally "too pretty to eat". After years of impressing patrons at New York's most prestigious hotels and events, our truffles, bark, and speciality treats are now available for holidays, wedding favors, corporate gifts, and other distinguished events.

Cakes for Special Occasions

Handcrafted by a CIA trained pastry chef with experience working for highly respected pastry chefs in NYC, our cakes blend incredible flavor profiles with unique and sophisticated designs. You are guaranteed to be delighted by the detail put into your custom cake as well as the amazing taste.

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"I would go to battle for this cake."

— Copeland Culp